Tequila Sunrise Cocktail Recipes

19th Jun 2017
tequila sunrise with a view of the Caribbean Sea

It’s Thursday morning and you could probably use some Vitamin C right? Maybe you could use a little alcohol as well? It is Thirsty Thursday after all. We have something for you a little better than your standard Screwdriver (Vodka and OJ). This one packs the punch of tequila and includes a little grenadine. The Tequila Sunrise! What makes the “sunrise” part in this cocktail is dropping the grenadine in slowly to get the effect of a layered cocktail. The grenadine then slowly rises and blends in with the orange juice, resembling a sunrise. The best part about this cocktail is the orange juice as it hydrates your body and provides Vitamin C to reduce the hangover effects, but you still get your alcohol kick, too!

Tequila Sunrise
4 ounces orange juice
2 ounces white tequila
1/2 ounce grenadine

Put ice cubes into a glass.
Pour in the tequila. Pour the orange juice.
Slowly pour the grenadine down the middle, so that it sinks to the bottom.