Mai Tai Cocktail Recipes

01st Jun 2017
Mai Tai on a table with ingredients

Congratulations, you’ve made it more than halfway through the week. It’s already Thirsty Thursday! Which means; it’s almost time to kick back with your favorite drink, and enjoy the arrival of the summer weather. The only question left, is what will you be drinking? Known for being a classic tiki drink originating in 1944, a Mai Tai is the best way to make sure your weekend relaxing. This drink has had many adaptations throughout the years, allowing people to give their own twist to the famous cocktail. Follow the recipes below for three different types of Mai Tai’s, we insist you try at least one! You won’t regret it! If you are feeling extra creative, try adding your own twist and let us know how it went!

Recipe 1: The Original

2 oz. Aged Rum

¾ oz. Lime Juice

½ oz. Orange Curacao

¼ oz. Simple Syrup

¼ oz. Orgeat Syrup

Fill shaker with ice to fill your glass.
Add all ingredients to shaker.
Shake, and fill glass.


Recipe 2: Mai Tai gone Coconuts

0.5 oz Spiced Rum

0.5 oz Coconut Rum

0.5 oz Orange Liqueur

0.5 oz Lime Juice

0.5 oz Almond Syrup

Fill shaker with enough ice to fill your glass.
Add all ingredients to shaker.
Shake, Pour, Enjoy!

Recipe 3: The Extra Fruity Mai Tai

3 oz Light Rum

3 oz Dark Rum

1 oz Orange Curacao

2 oz Pineapple Juice

2 oz Guava Juice

1 oz Orgeat Syrup

1 oz Simple Syrup

Mint Leaves to Garnish

Add all ingredients (aside from mint) to the shaker.
Shake well.
Fill 2 glasses with shaved ice.
Pour mixture into glasses and add crushed mint leaves.


Finish this week strong, you’re almost done! Just one day away from sipping a Mai Tai in some fresh summer weather!