Introducing Montenegro

20th Aug 2016
sveti stefan montenegro houses and coastline

Dream Yacht Charter is excited to announce an exotic new base, Montenegro, also known as the Pearl of the Mediterranean. Montenegro is on the Adriatic coast lying just to the south of Croatia.

Seas, lakes, canyons and mountains make up this stunning country. The coastline is 295 km with 72 km lined in beaches. Sail the Gulf of Kotor, or Boka Kotorska Bay where you will be engulfed by history. Hike up the mountains of one of the five national parks and get an exquisite view of Montenegro.

Top 6 places to visit while in Montenegro:

Ada Bojana is a naturist attraction with a long sandy beach filled with traditional seafood restaurants. Kitesurfing and windsurfing are popular activities during the summer months.

Aman Sveti Stefan is an inlet where Villa Miloerin, a 5 star hotel, is located. The resort has a large amount of rooms and suites on the island where many of the rich and famous have stayed in.

Kotor is a historical part of Montenegro. With medieval towns surrounding the area and natural surroundings, this is a large tourist area. The Bay of Kotor is known for its fjord, some saying it is the most beautiful and southern fjord in Europe.

Tara River Canyon is the longest canyon in Montenegro and also the deepest river canyon in Europe. There are sandy beaches, high cliffs, rocky terraces, and 80 large caves. The canyon is part of the Tara River rafting route.

Ostrog Monastery is a historical Orthodox monastery built in the 17th century. Take in the history and beauty of this monastery that is built in the caves. The monastery is a must-see with over 10,000 visitors a year.

National Park Lovcen is in the rocky region in the southwest region of Montenegro where there are multiple places to hike and walk within the park. Montenegro has five national parks that are perfect for exploration and hikes for those who like to go on adventures.

Montenegro is a country where you can be surrounded by history and also relax at a exquisite resort. From sandy beaches to relax in the sunny weather to mountains to hike and see natural habitats and history, there is something for everyone to enjoy.