Highlights of a Corsica Sailing Trip

20th Apr 2017
waves crashing onto the rocks of Corsica

There are many different ways to explore the lovely island of Corsica on a sailing trip. This stunning French island has everything that you need to enjoy a fantastic adventure at sea.

So, what are the highlights that you should be sure not to miss once you get here? The truth is that there is a huge amount to be explored on yacht charters in and around this scenic island.


In the North West of Corsica is the welcoming port of Calvi. This place where Christopher Columbus was supposedly born has a richly historic feel, with an old citadel and long ramparts adding to the atmosphere.

There is also a fine marina where you could spend some time soaking up the view. If you are feeling energetic, then a trip up to the top of the citadel will give you an even more impressive view.

The protected port here is big enough for a maximum of 500 boats and the quay can get very busy during the summer months. If it is the beach you are after then you will find some nice sandy spots not too far from the port as well.


If you decide to head down the West coast of Corsica towards Ajaccio then you will pass some amazing scenery on the way. This rugged coast has some nice ports in it and offers a spectacular route down to this great spot.

Ajaccio is famous for being the birthplace of Napoleon but it has a lot more to it than that. This lovely town has a sheltered position below the hills and in the Gulf of Ajaccio. The busy port often has cruise ships docked in it, while they are also regular ferries to mainland France and occasional services to Italy and other parts of Corsica as well.

Obviously, this is just a small sample of the pleasures offered by a sailing trip to Corsica. If you have the time to head to Bonifacio and St Magadelana’s National Park then these are some of the other destinations that you are sure to love.