3 Fresh Recipes to Make in The Mediterranean

05th Nov 2016
fresh mediterranean food tomato cheese basil

Recipes for caprese salad, crostini, and antipasto can be found easily online, but we encourage going off-book during your charter. Get inspired by fresh local ingredients, people, and scenery to get the full Mediterranean cooking experience.

Caprese Salad (At Every Meal)
This timeless combination can be put together in multiple ways – all of them delicious! We recommend pairing mozzarella and tomato with a fruity balsamic vinaigrette early in the day for a deliciously sweet brunch. Lunchtime calls for a salad of mozzarella pearls and cherry tomatoes tossed in pesto. For a dinnertime appetizer, cut steaks of mozzarella and tomato, piling them into napoleons with basil leaves and olive oil. 

Classy Crostini
Perfectly paired with a glass of wine and a Mediterranean sunset, crostini can incorporate local flavors into a creative snack. Grab a local cheese and pair with herbs and tomato for a nod to Caprese salad, or add some delicious protein with fish or cured meats. The key to the recipe is good bread, which isn’t hard to find in this region!

Olive Antipasto
Antipasto means “before the meal,” and traditionally features cured meats, pickled vegetables, cheeses, and olives. Arguably the best olives in the world come from the Mediterranean, so a lavish antipasto is the ultimate opportunity to make them the star of a dish. Go local on every aspect of this dish – regional olive oil, handmade cheese, unique meats, and, of course, fresh bread.